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About Omsk Region

Omsk region is situated in the center of vast continent on the south of South-West plain.

The region’s territory is 141,1 thousand square kilometers (which is 0,8% of the territory of Russian Federation) of which 47,6% are agricultural land, 33,1% are forests, 16,4% are water bodies, including bogs, 2,9% are other lands.

The territory of Omsk Region includes 6 towns, 32 municipal districts, 21 worker's settlements, 1477 rural settlements. Omsk Region spreads over 600 km from north to south and 300 km from west to east. Omsk Priirtyshye (territory of Irtysh River basin) is situated in the fifth time zone, time difference with Moscow is 3 hours. 

Neighbours of Omsk Region

Omsk Region borders with Tyumen Region on the West and North, with Tomsk and Novosibirsk Regions on the East, and with Republic of Kazakhstan on the South.

The distance from Omsk City to Moscow City is  2555 km.

Transportation network

Omsk region has a well-developed network of transportation communications.  The territory of the region is crossed along the 55th parallel of the north latitude by the Trans-Siberian Railway, which connects western and eastern areas of the country. The city also serves as a major hub for the regional highway network connecting northern territories of Russia  with the regions of Kazakhstan anв countries of Central  Asia.

The transportation network of the region is comprised by 751 km of public railway tracks, 1474 km of inland shipping waterways, 663 km mainland pipelines.  Length of the highways of Omsk region at the beginning of 2012 was 17,9 thousand km, including public motorways and roads  – 16,2 thousand km.  The percentage of paved roads in the total roads’ length was 66,6%.

Carriage of goods and passengers through the waterways was implemented by the rivers  Irtysh (1132 km), Om (295 km), Ishim (214 km), Tara (238 km), Uy (315 km).  The major rivers of Omsk Region are Saltaim (146 square km), Tenis (118 square km), Ebeyty (90 square km), Ik (71 square km).

Reception of passenger and cargo aircraft is provided by the airport of Omsk City, which has an international status.

Population of Omsk Region

Omsk region is inhabited by 1973,9 thousand people (as of 1 January 2013). Proportion of the urban and rural population is 71,8% and 28,2%. Average population density of Omsk Region equals 14 people per square km.

The multinational population of Omsk region consists of more than 120 nationalities and 20 ethnic groups. The most numerous  nationalities are Russians (85,8%), Kazakhs (4,1%), Ukrainians (2,7%), Germans (2,6%) and Tatars (2,2%).

Natural resources and climate

The region has reserves of oil, gas, peat,  ore sands of zirconium and titanium, marsh marl, sapropel, construction materials (brick and keramzit raw materials, sands), mineral mixtures, therapeutic  muds.

The main resources of Omsk Region are soil resources, which allow to develop a large-scale grain farming and all types of livestock farming. The region is situated in several  natural complexes: taiga, small-leaved forests, northern and  southern forest-steppe and steppe. In forest zone birch and aspen dominate broadleaved species, common pine, fir, spruce, cedar dominate coniferous species.

The region numbers over 4 thousand rivers and 16 thousand lakes. Over ten water bodies have a status of natural treasure, among them are lakes Uldgay and Ebeyty – relict salt lakes with halophytes and large sulphide mud deposits.

Climate of Omsk Region is continental, average temperature of January -22,6˚С,  of July +21,2˚С.


According to official data from the Russian Federal State Statistics Service GRP of Omsk Region  in current prices amounted to 448,7 billion rubles in 2011, and  382,6 billion rubles in 2010.
The index of physical volume of GRP expressed as a percentage to the previous year equaled 106,1% in 2011, in 2010 – 102,7%, in 2009 – 96,8%.
GRP deflator  with regard to the previous year prices amounted to 110,6% in 2011, to 110,8% in 2010, and to 99,9% in 2009.
The industrial production index expressed as a percentage to the previous year equaled 102,1% in 2012,  106,4% in 2011, and 108,3% in 2010.

In 2012 agricultural production amounted to 57 billion rubles. Investment in fixed capital amounted to 108,6 billion rubles. Foreign investment amounted to 669,7 million USD. Retail sales turnover equaled 263,9 billion rubles. Average nominal accrued wages was 21 931 rubles. Consumer price index equaled 106,9%.


The condition of the banking sector of the region is an important indicator of the economic situation.  Over recent years the development of banking sector took place against the backdrop of growth of gross regional product, fixed capital investment, volume of the industrial production, living standards of the Omsk Region population.

At the present time banking institutions operating on the territory of Omsk Region under the existing licenses provide the diversified range of banking services.  The flexibility of banking institutions provides the customers with the opportunity to choose the most convenient and beneficial  services, and also creates a competitive business environment  facilitating the banks to expand the range of services  and improve the performance.

As of 1 January 2013 6 regional banking institutions, 30 branches and 6 representative offices of the banking institutions from other cities were operating in Omsk Region.  The structure of the credits issued by the banks registered on the territory of Omsk Region is dominated by the credits issued to legal entities.


One of the key sectors of the region’s economy is an industrial complex.  Furthermore, Omsk Region is a well-developed agricultural  territory,  it has one of the largest agroindustrial complexes in the east of the country.  Food industry enterprises process the raw materials produced on the territory of the region:  meat, milk, grain. The wide range of the drinks is in production: mineral water, beer, alcoholic beverages and soft drinks.

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