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Conditions for investment activity in Omsk Region

Attracting investments - is  the most important issue for the Omsk region Government

Omsk Region  has a well-developed and accepted regulatory and normative base, providing comfortable conditions for investment establishments:

1. Law of Omsk Region  No. 1426-03 dated February 03, 2012 “About Corporate Property Tax” and Law of Omsk Region “About Reduced Rate for Corporate Profits Tax” providing reduced rates for corporate property and corporate profits tax for certain companies performing investment activities into development of petrochemical an agricultural clusters i.e. polypropylene production, bioethanol production, compound feed and meet products along with cattle breeding. 

2. Law Of Omsk Region No. 1487-03 dated 29 November  2012 “About revision of several specific laws of Omsk Region”, providing establishment of additional preferences for investment companies such as:
  • Reduced property tax rate 0,01% for new industrial and agricultural organizations established after 01 January 2013 with an average staff amount 50 people concerning property for industrial purposes built and/or bought on their own expense and have not been used;
  • Reduced wealth tax rate 1,1% (concerning property for industrial purposes built and/or bought on their own expense or being used after 01 January 2013) and wealth tax reduced rate 13,5% for the companies granted with investment tax credit

3. Law Of Omsk Region No. 1497-03 dated 11 December, 2012 “About Federal State Policy of Omsk Region in terms of Investment Activity”, with certain stipulations describing state support on investment activity:
  • Provision of investment tax credits;
  • Provision if investment sites;
  • Provision of property which belongs to Omsk Region;
  • Provision of grants from the regional budget in order to reimburse all the expenses or recovery of all the production costs due to promotion of goods, performing of jobs or supplying of services;
  • Provision of State warranties to Omsk Region;
  • Definition of reduced tax rates.

4. Law Of Omsk Region No. 1505-03 dated 5 December 2012 “About Investment tax credit”,  which stipulates the possibility to provide investment tax credits for:
  • Organizations promoting investment projects on the territory of Omsk Region with a provision for an overall capital investments for more than 50 million RUR in order to build or buy (including leasing contracts) any property of industrial purpose that have not been used on the territory of Omsk Region;
  • Organizations that are the subjects of medium or small enterprises promoting investment activities on the territory of Omsk Region with a provision for an overall capital investment not less than 10 mln RUR in order to build electric power facilities, gas facilities, heat and water facilities, water drainage intended for provision of utility services;

5. On the 12th of September of 2012 Government sessions of Omsk Region was held in order to stipulate arrangement for additional grants to business companies with a number of employees not less than 50 people which are promoting construction projects and (or) development and (or) modification of goods (services or jobs) production. Money from regional budget are intended to compensate a part of credit percent up to 7 mln RUR and for equipment purchase up to 5 mln RUR.

6. Within the Law of Omsk region “About Federal State Policy of Omsk Region in terms of Investment Activity” directed to increase attraction of investment in general and involvement of extra investments to the region Omsk Government decided to form a system of stimulation of investment cooperation and development of investment environment. 

7. Attraction of extra investment to the industrial enterprises and stimulation of medium and small business development totally correspond to evaluation parameters of activity efficiency of executives in Russian Federation to promote comfortable conditions to perform business activity (till 2018) approved by a Russian Federation Government Decree No. 2096-p. Dated 15 Nov, 2012.

8. The Law defines State support for investment activity and specifies Institutions of “investment areas”, provided to the investors in order to specify coordination of their activity.

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