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The Omsk Region is a fastest growing Russian territory with an impressive industrial and agricultural network and extended infrastructure. A combination of numerous factors makes Omsk Priirtyshye (territory of Irtysh River basin) one of the most investment attractive regions in Western Siberia. These factors are as follows: stable social and economic policy, efficient geographical location, plenty of natural resources and of course industrial and scientific potential. recent researches of independent agencies prove the stability of our economics taking into account minimum risk concerning business conduction.

Necessary regulatory background has been established in Omsk Region in order to attract as much investments as possible. It is worth mentioning that fundamental principles for the State support of investment activities along with its basic principles and procedures have been recently stipulated as well as priority list for the rights and legitimate interests of the investment authorities and warranty system for investment activity in general. Also reduced rates for property and income tax have been considered and tax credits together with entitlement payments out of regional budget. it is valid to say that nowadays our region has a very efficient business support infrastructure providing various types of entitlement payments and tax preferences.

Furthermore, Omsk Government made up a list of investment areas provided with a required engineering infrastructure, which are located in central part as well as municipal districts. If those areas are granted to the investment, authorities it will minimize initial realization costs for the projects. These areas can be used for location of any industrial or storage facilities together with commercial or welfare facilities of for civil construction and arrangement of agricultural companies.

We are interested in attracting investors to our region. We are ready to contribute all possible assistance in order to increase economic activity in the region. It is an important and critical activity, which is the main influence factor for provision of social stability in Omsk Region.

Victor I. Nazarov, Governor of Omsk Oblast



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