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There are many manufacturers of various products in the region. From ice cream sticks to innovative medical devices.

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Exhibition calendar of the Omsk region in 2016

Omsk region is oriented for development and broadening international business relations and welcomes overseas partners to learn more about Omsk region economy potentialWe are glad to invite Russian and foreign enterprises to participate in the fairs and exhibitions held in the Development and investment agency of region

Name of the event Date of holding Logo
1 “Fashion festival” specialized exhibition 07-09.04
2 “Building industry of Siberia” specialized exhibition 14-16.04
3 “Eco Boom” specialized exhibition 21-24.04  
4 The 7th forum “Own business-your success”
Specialized exhibitions
“Made in Omsk”
5 “Agro-Omsk” 20-24.07
6 “Sport. Youth. Health” exhibition 4-6.08
7 “The Indian summer” exhibition    
8 “For you, youngster” exhibition 21-23.09
9 Specialized 17-19.11  
10 “Siberian agro-industrial week”    
11 The real estate fair. West Siberian estate forum. Construction industry of Siberia -Fall 25-27.11

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