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Buisness-missions of the Omsk Region Export Support Center in 2015

Plan of business missions for 2015 year
Dear partners!
Omsk region Export Support center (further – the Center) invites you to take part in business missions to foreign countries in 2015 for the purpose of searching of new sales markets and increase of sales volumes.
The choice of the priority directions of development of export potential of the Omsk region is caused by a number of economic and foreign policy factors. Considering global trends, the main point will be development of the markets with favorable conditions for the Russian export.

We consider that the priority country directions for formation of the Center’s plans for 2015 include:
·         member countries of the Customs union;
·         CIS countries;
·         countries of the Asia-Pacific region.
The Customs union is an opportunity for the Omsk companies to enter the new markets, membership in the Customs union provides incontestable advantages to participants of foreign economic activity. Therefore the Center plans to conduct business missions in Kazakhstan and Armenia in 2015.
Nowadays there is a process of restoring of political and economic relations with Georgia, thereupon we consider that conducting business mission to this country is actual.

Development of relations with the Pacific Rim, which important part is made by the ASEAN countries, has special political and economic importance for the Russian Federation. It is intended to facilitate the creation of favorable conditions as for safety of the Russian Federation and its major communications, and for modernization of all region of Eastern Siberia and the Far East.
The first Russian business mission to the ASEAN countries took place in March 2014 organized by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation together with Business council Russia-ASEAN and public organization «Business Russia». The volume of trade of Russia with the ASEAN countries grows by tens percent annually, and there is a preparation of the agreement on free trade zone with Vietnam at the moment.
All this moments creates preconditions for development cooperation, in this connection the Center plans to conduct promotion events for advance the production of the Omsk region on the markets of Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Mongolia, China, and also to conduct business mission to Vietnam.
The Center plans to continue development of cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Plan of business missions of the Omsk region Export Support center for 2015
Date Direction Name Industry
11-15 May Business mission to Georgia Multibranch
 28-30 May Business mission to the Republic of Kazakhstan and leading trade fair for the food industry InterFood Astana 2015  
Food industry
 June Business mission to the Republic of Armenia  Multibranch
18-24 August
 Business mission to the Republic of Kazakhstan and the international exhibition of goods and services for children "Childhood-2015" and "Children's fashion –
fall 2015"
Goods and services for children
October  Business mission to the Islamic Republic of Iran  Multibranch
 19-24 October Business mission to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam  Multibranch

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