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There are many manufacturers of various products in the region. From ice cream sticks to innovative medical devices.

- Russian Generalized Preferential System

- Foreign Trade & Investment Policy Overview

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- APEC Website on Tariffs and Rules of Origin

General info about Russian Federation

The section collects the information on the current trends and prospects of the Russian Economy, features the present developments in the foreign economic relations of Russia; provides business and economic news from the Russian market.

Russian Economy: Current Trends & Prospects
The subsection focuses on the headline macroeconomic indicators and detailed estimates of the national business, economic and social data; covering the following topics: National accounts, including Gross Domestic Product (GDP); state of busines and investment; domestic demand; Labour market; Foreign trade law enforcement.

Foreign Economic Relations of Russia
The subsection analyses the current developments of the national merchandise trade and foreign direct investment flows; provides key indicators and statistical data for overseas trade and foreign investments.

About Custom Union (CU)

News from Russia: Economy & Foreign Trade
Latest news on the Russian business and economic trends. Media reviews and press releases of the Federal Government entitie.

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