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11-15 February 2019 in Russian Federation

Russian companies took part in international food exhibition PRODEXPO 2019

PRODEXPO is the biggest food exhibition in Russia and Eastern Europe. This year the event gathered together almost 2.500 companies from 69 countries.

The participation of 7 local companies was organized by the Export Support Center of Omsk region, acting on the base of Investment and Development Agency of Omsk region. The Center booked a booth and necessary equipment, paid registration fees for the participants.
Evgeny Kovtun, General Director of the Agency expressed his opinion on the event: "Local food companies consider PRODEXPO one of the most important events in the industry. The Export Center helps local companies to develop their export activity in a right way. To achieve this, specialists of the Center invite export oriented companies to take part in international exhibitions and trade missions. The target is to develop business relations, increase volume of direct export sales and search for new distributors and partners".
Omsk companies had many business meetings and negotiations with potential partners – trade companies and distributors.
Specifically, Znatny Produkty LLC, a manufacturer of semi-finished products, attracted attention of distributors from Kazakhstan. They are especially interested in halal products of the Russian manufacturer.
Sozvezdie LLC is a local manufacturer of fish products under trademarks "Fishe" and "Sangusto". The company’s products attracted interest of a trader from Azerbaijan which expressed wish to purchase fish products with shelf life of up to 4 months.
Developer of food equipment Polikon had a chance to demonstrate its equipment capacities to potential partners and visitors of the exhibition. An Armenian producer of ice-cream is going to buy equipment of the Russian company in March this year.
Omsk pasta factory (Sole proprietor Alexandra Frik) had many negotiations with business visitors of the exhibition, including ones from Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. They are planning to purchase pasta and flour of the company.
Strawberry chips made by "Yagody Sibiri" (Siberian berries) truly wowed visitors. Specifically, a Spanish trader of wholefood now wants to introduce this brand new product to its customers. Russian company also discussed cooperation prospects as to supplies of berries and mushrooms with trade companies and distributors from Italy, Serbia and China.
A Russian distributor of condensed milk and cream "Torgovy dom "Sibirsky" (Trade House "Siberian") could discuss specific details of cooperation with representatives of retail chains from Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.
The booth of Omsk region attracted visitors with yummy degustations. A Russian producer of fruit and vegetable snacks "S-Fruit Siberia" treated everyone wishing to its tasty products. Two trade companies from Latvia and Bulgaria got interested in purchasing fruit chips. 
For "Lyubinsky plant of beer and confectionery" the exhibition became one more step to a prolific development. The company had many business negotiations on confectionery supplies with potential partners from Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Georgia.    
The exposition of the company "Sibsnack" caused a high demand of visitors and other exhibitors. Potential trade partners from China, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Belarus asked the Russian snack producer to send them quotations.
Evgeny Kovtun resumed that the specialists of Omsk Export Support Center also prepare and examine contracts, translate commercial offers, search for information on foreign companies/agents, as well as assist in negotiation process and contracting.