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14-16 November 2018 in Uzbekistan all events

Russian developer of process plans for railroad transport took part in TransLogistica Uzbekistan 2018

The participation was organized by Omsk Region Export Support Center

Siberian scientific and industrial group “TransMashStroy” specializes in development of process, control and diagnostic equipment for railroad transport as well as metalworking of all sorts. The company exports worldwide (Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Ukraine, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania and Mongolia).
TransLogistica Uzbekistan is the only transport and logistics exhibition in the country. This alone ensures its high attendance. In 2018 more than 150 exhibitors from 27 countries took part in the event. The total number of visitors went up to 5,000.
This year the exhibition’s pavilions were equipped with train models, vehicle parts and various innovations in railway and road infrastructures, commercial transport from Uzbekistan and foreign countries.
An equipped booth was rent for the company by the Omsk Region Export Support Center so that its representatives could demonstrate the equipment – industrial automated rheostat test complex – to potential clients.
The Russian exhibitor held more than 16 negotiations with potential partners from Uzbekistan, Czech Republic and Belarus.
The Omsk Region Export Support Center will assist the Russian company in precontract preparations and contracting itself.