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25-27 September 2018 in all events

Russian producer of crystal oscillators took part in European Microwave Week 2018

Magic Xtal Ltd. participated in one of the world’s biggest exhibitions of microwave technologies - European Microwave Week 2018. The exhibition takes place annually in different European cities.

This year the exhibition took place in Madrid, Spain. More than 300 exhibitors from Europe, Asia and the USA took part in the event. The total number of visitors went up to 4,500 persons.

The participation of Magix Xtal Ltd. was organized by Omsk Region Export Support Center functioning on the base of Development and Investment Agency of Omsk Region.
The company’s representatives worked actively at the booth, communicated with visitors of the exhibition and demonstrated its devices’ capabilities to potential partners.
In total the company had more than 30 business negotiations with foreign distributors and trade companies dealing with crystal oscillators.
The parties discussed the assortment of the devices, payment and delivery terms.
The preliminary agreements were reached with the companies from the UK and France.
The Russian producer will also send the oscillators’ detailed specifications to the potential partners from Norway, Germany and China.